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My Journey

I'm a senior at the Brock School of Business, studying for a Bachelor's in Marketing with a focus on sales, and I'll graduate in May 2024. Along with my studies, I play Division 1 football for Samford, managing to keep a 3.0 GPA even with the busy schedule that comes from sports.

My interest in marketing and sales started with a summer job at a Nissan dealership in Jackson, TN. There, I helped out with various tasks like delivering cars and parts, cleaning customer vehicles, and learning about sales. This job made me want to learn more about how to sell and work with customers.

Now, I'm looking for job opportunities that will challenge me and let me use what I've learned from sports, my sales job, and school. I want to work in sales and marketing, helping companies in innovative ways through problem-solving, planning, and connecting with customers.

Explore My Journey

Click below to see the websites of the schools I have attended and the organizations I have interned for or volunteered at.


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